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When your baby has diarrhea, their stomach is probably feeling very full. Because of this, the natural acidity of the stomach is reduced. When a baby’s digestive system isn’t working as well as it should to digest food, excess acid comes up again as soon as you feed them again. Instead of letting this happen again and again, there are ways you can help ease the discomfort by giving your baby good quality juice.
The right kind of juice will help digestion and soothe inflammation in your baby’s gut. Some juices contain antinutrients too – these are substances that interfere with digestion and cause problems like bloating or diarrhea. Fortunately, there are plenty of juices without these antinutrients or with very low amounts of them (like apple juice). Thus, choosing the right juice can be a great way to keep your baby hydrated and healthy!

What’s in a good juice for baby with diarrhea?

When giving your baby a juice to help with diarrhea, you can consider the following factors:
What type of juice is your baby having?
How much juice does your baby need?
How often should your baby have juice?
Is there any kind of fruit or vegetable in the juice?
Does the juice contain antinutrients like oxalic acid or nitrates?
Let’s say it’s apple juice, which is an excellent choice. Let’s also say that it doesn’t contain any antinutrients and you want to give it to your baby every few hours as they need. The next thing you will want to take into account is how much they need. For reference, a good general guideline would be a half-cup per 100 pounds of body weight per day. So if you have a 20 pound infant, they would drink about 5 cups of apple juice daily.

You need to choose carefully

Like with anything else, when you’re looking for the right juice for your baby, it’s important to make sure that the juice is made from good quality ingredients. Make sure you choose a juice that is pasteurized – this process kills off harmful bacteria and other pathogens and makes it easier for your baby to digest food. You should also look at the amount of sugar in the juice; less sugar means your baby will be getting more nutrients from the fruits and vegetables in the juice.
Additionally, make sure to read the nutrition information on a package before buying. It will tell you everything about what’s inside of it – like how much protein there is per serving or how many calories are in each serving. This will help you choose your best option.

Be sure the juice you buy is 100% fruit or vegetable

Juice is one of the best natural beverages for your baby. With that said, make sure you buy a juice with 100% fruit or vegetable juices in it. This will ensure that there are no added sugars or other additives to the juice – and that it’s safe for your child!

Don’t add additional sweeteners or flavors

to your baby’s juice
Many parents who are trying to give their children a healthy meal might add some sugar, honey, or maple syrup to the juice. While this might be tempting because it makes the juice even more palatable to your kid, you should avoid doing this. Adding additional sweeteners or flavors can cause your baby’s immature digestive system to overreact and have extreme reactions as it tries to digest them. Instead, just stick with plain juice that they can drink easily without having any problems.

Keep the amount of juice to a minimum

When you give your baby juice, make sure you don’t offer too much. If your baby is still hungry after drinking juice, they’ll need to eat more solid food. An occasional serving of juice isn’t going to hurt them and can help reduce the discomfort of a full stomach.
You should also limit how often you give your baby juice. It’s best to limit it to no more than one or two glasses per day, especially if they’re not eating solid food well. You might want to give baby juice on a schedule – for example, every morning when they wake up or during the first few hours of being awake. It can be helpful to find a routine that works for your family and adjust it over time as necessary.
Many families find that giving their baby only water is an effective way of controlling diarrhea but this might not always be possible. If you’re breastfeeding, you might have concerns about whether the amount of water in breast milk will be enough for your baby when she has diarrhea (it will). For these reasons, it’s important to consider both giving your baby water and offering her some juice too!

Add ginger to your juice

Ginger is a powerful remedy for diarrhea. Ginger can also help reduce inflammation by decreasing the amount of histamine in the body (histamine is an inflammatory substance). Ginger can be added to your baby’s juice to help make it more digestible and soothe their stomach.
It’s important to note that if your baby has a fever, ginger shouldn’t be given until after the temperature goes down.

Add bone broth to your juice

Adding bone broth to your baby’s juice can also be helpful. The gelatin in the broth helps make it easier for your baby’s digestive system to break down and process food. This is especially important for babies who are struggling with digestion, but it can also help all children who aren’t getting enough nutrition from other sources.
Bone broth is great for adults too! It’s a highly nutritious source of protein, calcium, and magnesium. Not only that, but the nutrients will benefit adults as well as children.

Final Words

When your baby has diarrhea, it can be embarrassing and upsetting. But the best way to help them feel better is to give them good quality juice. You should avoid juices that contain antinutrients like apple juice or orange juice because these will just make their stomach feel worse. So, when your baby has diarrhea, reach for a good quality juice like apple juice instead of letting them suffer with the discomfort of diarrhea and dehydration.
If you’re struggling to find a healthy option for your little one, try a homemade cereal!

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Elliott Garner

Elliott Garner

I've always liked veggie juices as an added healthy beverage to a meal, but a couple of years ago I found the healing and cleansing effects of fruit and vegetable juices and got hooked for life.
In this blog, I will tell you what I learned and hope it helps you live a better healthier life.

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I’ve always liked veggie juices as an added healthy beverage to a meal, but a couple of years ago I found the healing and cleansing effects of fruit and vegetable juices and got hooked for life.
In this blog, I will tell you what I learned and hope it helps you live a better healthier life.

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